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Window Quilts

When you come into my house, you won't see things you see in other homes.   I like to decorate with my very own personal touch, therefore, developing the term "window quilt".  I was trying to find a way to eliminate the mini-blinds in my house because they are such dust collectors.   I will be working on one for my bathroom now.  I hope to have it done soon.

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Quilted Window Quilt

I made this window quilt for my computer room. It was suppose to be a wall hanging but I really didn't have anywhere to use it.  So, I decided it would work wonderfully as a window quilt.  It's a stain glass floral motif with a stain glass border on each side. I added a topper from matching fabric. It is machine quilted: the center motif is quilted using a close stipple stitch, and the outer portion is quilted using a more open stipple stitch. 
I have received many compliments on it.



Lace Window Quilt

I made two lace window quilts for my bedroom.  I used a taupe color full size sheet cut in half.  For the top layer, I used a lace panel.  These two layers were layered on top of the lining and batting.  I had it machine quilted with an ivy leaf design.  Three grommets were placed across the heading of the quilt so it could be hung on hooks placed at the top of the window facing.  A wooden dowel was inserted in a casing at the top of the quilt to help the quilt hang right.  A casing was made at the bottom for a regular curtain rod.

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Floral Curtains For My Guest Room

OK, so I didn't make these curtains.  I had good intentions and even had in my mind exactly what I wanted.  As a matter of fact, I found the curtain material online but they only had a small amount left and it was a discontinued fabric.  I had the Item # and knew the company that had made the fabric.  I searched with several online fabric suppliers only to find that it was a hopeless search. 

I then found the burgundy floral panels online which I could order for less than I could have purchased the material and made them myself.  So, I ordered the floral panels along with lace panels to use underneath.  Then, I found the sage green valances from a different vendor that I thought would work well.  However, when I got them and put them up I just really didn't like the way the valances looked with the floral panels.  The valances were attached by loops on the same rods as the panels which left a less than desirable look.  It was a wonderful concept -- it just need some more work.  So,  that's where the sewing comes it.  I ordered another valance and made two rosettes using the Yo-Yo quilting technique and attached them to the center of each valance. 
Voila, it worked perfectly!!   


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