Meet My Family
(Three Golfers & a Lady)


My husband, Eddy, and I met in February 1974.  I worked with a woman, Brenda, whose husband, Jackie, worked with Eddy.  They decided we would make a good couple so Brenda told me about Eddy and Jackie told Eddy about me.  I knew where he lived and what kind of car he drove but he really didn't know anything about me.  So, one day I went to the bank during my lunch hour and there was his car.  I knew this was my chance to get a really good look at him.  The first time I saw Eddy he was wearing old faded blue jeans and had an old work rag hanging out his back pocket.  He was wearing his hard hat and had cute little curls hanging out from underneath.  Well, I must have broken every speed limit in history getting back to work to give Brenda the "go ahead" to give him my phone number. A night or two later Eddy called me and we talked 4 hours on the telephone.  I don't know if we really talked that much or just listened to each other breathe a lot.  People that knew me back then had a hard time believing I could talk that much.  We had our first date later that week.  Imagine how scared Eddy must have been walking up my house that night.  At least, I knew what he looked like.  But, he must have liked what he saw because we started dating regularly and in November 1974 we married.  We've been together ever since.  That's a long time.  Sometimes, it seems like a very, very long time, if you know what I mean! 

We have two absolutely fantastic children.  Oops, I don't think they're children anymore.  Our oldest son, Davy, born in 1976, is married to Michelle.  They got married in July 1998 and live just across the road from us.  He is a licensed contractor and we are so proud every time we see him going up with a new house.  He must have inherited this skill from his Pa Gray.  Michelle graduated from Vol State with an associates accounting degree and received her BBA from MTSU in May, 2004. Our youngest son, Wynn, born in 1980, graduated magna cum laude from Cumberland University in May, 2003 with a BBA degree in business.  He currents works for a CPA firm in Nashville.  He and Amy married in October 2005 and live in Lebanon.  Amy is currently working as a dental hygienist in Mt. Juliet.  Our first grandson, Davis, was born in August 2006 and became an Angel shortly after.  Our second grandson, Dawson, was born in August 2008 and grandson #3, Isaac, came along in May 2009.  We are all just one big happy family and I am very proud of all of them.

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