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Thank you for visiting my Crochet page.  I hope you see something that will inspire you to want to learn how to crochet.  If you do, click on the link at the bottom of the page to learn how to do this very relaxing craft.

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Crochet doilies can be used to decorate throughout the house.  The one on the left is framed and can be used in any room.  The one on the right was attached to an 18" wooden embroidery hoop and is used as a window treatment.  As you might guess, this window is not an easy one to decorate. 

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This colorful afghan was made from Vanna White's, Vanna's Afghans A to Z.  I'm sure you know Vanna from Wheel Of Fortune.  Can you believe that a celebrity would have a hobby such as this? But  in her book, she says that she keeps a crochet project going behind stage at all times.  She has made several afghans for her celebrity friends.  Her grandmother taught her to crochet. 

Here's a handbag that I made using squares left over from the afghan above.  I've really enjoyed carrying this bag.  I've received many compliments.

The bag is lined with black cotton fabric with a zipper closure and has a 2" wide shoulder strap.   

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I belong to a couple of internet crochet groups.  They are a fun group of ladies that exchange recipes, crochet patterns, and tips as well as just a group of ladies that just like to chat. 

This afghan was made using squares from a "Valentine" square exchange.  We joined the exchange and then we were paired up and exchange squares over a period of months. It consists of 56 6" squares of various shades ranging from pinks, reds, and whites to burgundy, mauves and natural squares.  It was a real challenge putting the afghan together but I thought it turned out rather nicely.   



This afghan is made using a popcorn stitch.  It measures 54" X 68" plus an 8" fringe.  I got this pattern several years ago as a free handout in the yarn department at Walmart.  afghan2 
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Crocheted Ecru Tablecloth

The tablecloth is made from Size 10 Ecru bedspread thread. I started it twenty years ago. My grandmother would be so disappointed in me. No, not really -- she would be glad to know that I finally finished it.  I ran out of thread and could not find the right match. I actually picked it up two or three times down through the years and had squares in three different colors. I wounded up using two shades of Ecru thread for the tablecloth.  I used a light Ecru in the center surrounded with a round of creamed colored Ecru.  I was determined to finish it while I was on summer break from school and I did it.   Of course, you can imagine I have several squares left because of the problem with discrepancies in thread color.  There's enough to do some doilies and maybe a small table runner.  Or, maybe I will just sell them in my next yard sale.



Crocheted Basket of Flowers

This basket was originally stitched to a bath towel.  I decided it would work better if I attached it to a burgundy matt board and put burgundy, mauve, & natural flowers in it. 
I have it hanging over my bed in a shadow box.

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