How To Crochet

Crochet is probably my favorite needlecraft. It was Grandmother that taught me to crochet.  I must have been about seventeen because it was after we moved to town. We had a big snow on the ground, and since Grandmother lived alone, she came to stay with us during the snow storm.  She was crocheting an afghan, and I guess I asked her to teach me because the next thing I knew I was chain stitching and double crocheting Granny Squares.  The next time I went to the store I purchased enough yarn to make me an afghan. I picked the very same yarn that Grandmother was using and made one exactly like hers. Grandmother made some of the most beautiful crocheted doilies.  She made each of her seventeen grandchildren one before she died.  As a matter of fact, the border on the side of this page was made using the border from one of her doilies.

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I hope you find these links helpful in learning to crochet.


5 day Mini Crochet Course

Crochet Terms in 6 Languages

How to convert a knitting pattern to a crochet pattern
(This is the best conversion of a pattern I have seen)

Lion Brand Yarn (35 page pdf booklet of How To Crochet

Click on Videos, then type in "Crochet" to view list of stitches.

Granny Square

A Granny Square is a good square for a beginner.  

Granny Squares (6")

Crochet Cabana 
(Go to bottom of page, click on "Tutorials", scroll down to "Granny Square")




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Why Make a Gauge Swatch?

It is recommended that you make a gauge swatch so your crochet project will be the correct size, and to make sure you will have enough yarn to finish the project.  The gauge is measured by the number of stitches per inch and the number of rows per inch.  Using the hook size given in the instructions, make a 4"X 4" sample swatch.  Measure the swatch.  If the number of stitches and rows are fewer than indicated in your pattern, your hook is too large.  Try a size smaller hook.  If the number of stitches and rows are more than indicated in the pattern, your hook is too small.  Try a larger hook.   I don't always make a gauge.  Sometimes the size is not important but it you are making an afghan or a garment you will want it to be the correct size and should make a sample swatch.