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This cross stitch sampler is my very own creation. I made the pattern for this design using people, places, and events that pertain to the history of Tennessee. About the time I was working on this project, the Bicentennial was coming up. So, I decided to add the Tennessee Bicentennial logo into the design. tn
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Here are two cross stitched pieces that I stitched for my dining room. One bouquet is in a sugar bowl & the other is in a creamer.  This made up nicely & I really enjoyed working on them.



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This is one of my favorites.  The Santa on the left was done in Aug./Sept., 2000 and the one on the right was done in Sept./Oct., 2000.  I found it hard to put them down until they were finished.


Cross Stitched Wedding Sampler
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This is by far my favorite wedding sampler.

While simple, the verse is really a good one.


Framed Fruit Cross Stitch
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I really don't know when I started this project but I know it was several years ago. I was really glad when it was finished. It will probably be my last big cross stitch project because it was so detailed. There were times I could not put the piece down, and then there were times when I just couldn't get into working on it.

That's why it took so long to complete.
But, I was really pleased with how it turned out.




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