Loom Knitting
(Knifty Knitter)

My two daughter-in-laws introduced me to the Knifty Knitter way of knitting.  I'm still new to the craft but it's a change.  I've knitted the old fashion way with two knitting needles and I'll have to say it's worth a try.  It's so easy to do while watching TV with little or no counting like with traditional knitting. 

The Knifty Knitter Looms are for beginner to expert knitters with no knitting experience needed. Here are some useful links I've found.  I hope you find them useful as well.

Casting On: (Basic Wrap Knitting)

Decor Accents Click on “Instructions” for looms basics, how to make fringe, different stitches, & converting needle knit pattern to loom patterns.

Bev's Country Cottage provides step-by-step photographs for loom knitting.

Ben Franklin website offers a video from Provocraft, the maker of the Knifty Knitter Looms.

Casting Off or Binding Off:

Gathering Method.  This would be used on the top of a hat.

Casting On Tip:

The traditional cast-on (2 rows of e-wrap) can leave an undesirably looser edge than its traditional bind-off counterpart.  For some patterns this is ok, like when you're going to make a brim by pulling up that cast on row onto your pegs.  For a tighter cast-on, one that is nearly even with your knitting's tension, try this:

Wrap the first 2 beginning rows/rounds as usual.  Beginning with the last peg wrapped on the first row/round, knit each subsequent peg moving towards the tail (at the first peg you wrapped).  As you knit each peg, pull the bottom loop up and over firmly, tightening the slack of the previous peg, and as you knit closer towards the tail, the loop of slack will get larger as you pull out more and more slack with each peg.  Finally, tug on the tail to tighten that last peg.  Since you'll get several inches of slack with this method, you'll only need a tiny tail in the beginning - just enough to hitch the yarn.

This tip was found at Yarngear.com.  You can visit their website for more helpful tips.

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