Girl Stitching Clipart by Lace Fairy

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I hope these links help in teaching you how to embroidery both by hand and by machine.


Five basic embroidery stitches 
French Knot
Hand Embroidery illustrated
Needlework Tips & Techniques

Glossary of embroidery stitches from A - Z

A TIP FOR LEFT HANDERS:  If you have problems following embroidery illustrations the computer can help you. Copy and save the image. In a graphics program flip the image horizontally so that you have a mirror image. Work from this and you will find it makes sense and 'feels' right!
Sharon's Needlework Stitch Dictionary

Ribbon Embroidery
     Easy way to knot silk ribbon



Free-Motion Machine Embroidery html
Free-Motion Machine Embroidery pdf

Hooping, Stabilizing, Free-Motion Basics
Machine Embroidery Tips & Information
Free Style Machine Embroidery (Stippling)
Free Hand Embroidery
Free Motion Embroidery Basics