Crochet Edgings
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Baby Blanket Edging Mile-A-Minute Edging
Bell Lace Crochet Pattern Central Directory of Edging Patterns
Celestial Edging Open Fan Edging
Cluster Edging Open Shell Edging
Crochet Edging Openwork Lace Insertion
Easy Edging Pineapple Swirl Edging
Double Crochet Edging (Easy) Peony Edging
Fast and Easy Crocheted Edging Rick Rack Edging
Filet Crochet Edging (1) Scalloped Crocheted Edging (Easy)
Filet Crochet Edging (2) Scalloped Narrow Edging
Fuchsia Flower Wide Edging Shell Path Edging
Hairpin & Flower Lace (Hanky edging) Shell Narrow Edging (Easy)
Irish Crochet Rose and Shamrock Edging Sweet Pea Edging
 Knot Stitch Edgings Tasseled Bedspread Edging (1923)
Lattice Ruffle Lady Slipper Two-Color edging
Lily Filet Crochet Veronica
Linen Edgings Vintage Edging
Little Clovers Edging Zinnia Edging
Lotus Edging  
Lover's Knot & Sequins (Hanky edging)  

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Lace background by Lace Fairy