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2008 Projects

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Crocheted Ecru Tablecloth

The tablecloth is made from Size 10 Ecru bedspread thread. I started it twenty years ago. My grandmother would be so disappointed in me. No, not really -- she would be glad to know that I finally finished it.  I ran out of thread and could not find the right match. I actually picked it up two or three times down through the years and had squares in three different colors. I wounded up using two shades of Ecru thread for the tablecloth.  I used a light Ecru in the center surrounded with a round of creamed colored Ecru.  I was determined to finish it while I was on summer break from school and I did it.   Of course, you can imagine I have several squares left because of the problem with discrepancies in thread color.  There's enough to do some doilies and maybe a small table runner.  Or, maybe I will just sell them in my next yard sale.

Dinosaur Quilt

The dinosaur quilt is a baby quilt I made for my grandson that was born in August. His room is decorated in dinosaurs. I added colorful borders to embroidery blocks, added an inner yellow border and an outer bright green border.  I then sent it to a friend that machine quilted it.  It was quilted by the piece with a scroll designed quilted around the outer border.  It turned out beautifully.

Quilted Window Quilt

I made the window quilt for my computer room. It was suppose to be a wall hanging but I really didn't have anywhere to use it.  So, I decided it would work wonderfully as a window quilt.  It's a stain glass floral motif with a stain glass border on each side. I added a topper from matching fabric. It is machine quilted.  I have received many compliments on it.

Cross Stitched Fruit Picture

I really don't know when I started this project but I know it was several years ago. I was really glad when it was finished. It will probably be my last big cross stitch project because it was so detailed. There were times I could not put the piece down, and then there were times when I just couldn't get into working on it.
That's why it took so long to complete.
But, I was really pleased with how it turned out.

Floral Curtains For My Guest Room

OK, so I didn't make these curtains.  I had good intentions and even had in my mind exactly what I wanted.  As a matter of fact, I found the curtain material online but they only had a small amount left and it was a discontinued fabric.  I had the Item # and knew the company that had made the fabric.  I searched with several online fabric suppliers only to find that it was a hopeless search. 

I then found the burgundy floral panels online which I could order for less than I could have purchased the material and made them myself.  So, I ordered the floral panels along with lace panels to use underneath.  Then, I found the sage green valances from a different vendor that I thought would work well.  However, when I got them and put them up I just really didn't like the way the valances looked with the floral panels.  The valances were attached by loops on the same rods as the panels which left a less than desirable look.  It was a wonderful concept -- it just need some more work.  So,  that's where the sewing comes it.  I ordered another valance and made two rosettes using the Yo-Yo quilting technique and attached them to the center of each valance. 
Voila, it worked perfectly!!   

Table Top Family Collage

I have an antique coffee table that belonged to my grandparents.  It has to be over fifty years old. It originally had a glass top but had gotten broken somewhere along the way.   The top was somewhat damaged but I have no expertise in refinishing furniture and really didn't know anyone that could do it.  That's when I decided to make the family collage.  My first thought was to glue photos randomly onto a piece of plywood cut to fit the tabletop and then use something to seal the surface.  But, having never worked with that technique, I was afraid it would cause my photos to smear. 

I held that thought in my mind and one day it hit me -- have a picture frame made to fit inside the raised rim of the table. So, off to the local frame shop I went with measurements in hand, an idea in my head, and a picture of the table.  The lady at the frame shop was so helpful.  She showed me several different frame samples but burl matched the table perfectly.  She told me the burl wood was an expensive piece of wood but at this point money was of no concern.  I knew it was just what I wanted.

I used the theme of  "Happiness is . . . " and put captions around some of the pictures that completed that statement.  I also found a saying that "happiness is like a butterfly".  So,  in completing the project and needing something to fill in some bare spots, I decided butterflies would be perfect. 

This project stayed on my dining room table for several days before I finally finished it. I firmly believe you cannot rush perfection!  I had so much fun going through family photos and finding just the right ones to be included.  It was funny, I kept making changes right up until the collage was finished and placed in the frame.

It's really beautiful and I can't help stopping and looking at it each time I past by.